Barcelona Trading Conference to Explore Institutional Crypto Adoption

The event is the biggest of its kind for the Crypto trading industry.

Ultimate Fintech, organizer of global financial industry events worldwide, and Finance Magnates, the leading knowledge hub offering trading news and research, have announced the launch of their latest event, the Barcelona Trading Conference 2019.

BTC 2019 is aimed at fintech professionals interested in the latest developments and trends in the crypto ecosphere.

Ultimate Fintech and Finance Magnates have already earned a reputation for running the financial services industry’s premier events, including the London Summit, the iFX EXPO International and the iFX EXPO Asia conferences.

Gal Ran, CEO of Ultimate Fintech stated, “We wanted to create a one-stop destination for FinTech professionals working in Crypto. We’re bringing together thought leaders from every segment of the industry, and making it all available on a single floor.”

BTC 2019 is expected to become the preeminent Crypto trade conference, with thousands of attendees and dozens of speakers, exhibitors and sponsors. The speaker lineup includes Samantha Barrass: Chief Executive Officer of the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission, Miko Matsumura, Co-Founder of Evercoin, Swarm CEO and Co-Founder Philipp Pieper, and Kraken VP Austin Alexander, Global Digital Finance Executive Director Teana Baker-Taylor.

BTC 2019 will feature several workshops offering insider perspectives on the evolving cryptocurrency marketplace, including key topics such as stablecoins, and tokenized CFDs. Visitors will also hear about trends in regulation, technology and asset management from experts who understand the challenges and rewards of working with decentralized investments.

Finance Magnates CEO Michael Greenberg voiced excitement about the new event, noting “We’re proud to provide this opportunity for leading experts from the fields of blockchain, tokenized assets and finance to meet companies and institutions with the potential to revolutionize the crypto industry.”

The Barcelona Trading Conference takes place July 10-11th, 2019 at the Barcelona CCIB, Southern Europe’s largest convention center. Visit for more information and to register for tickets.