CFD Trader Scam Review

Analyzing Crypto CFD Trader, we came to the conclusion that this is a scam that needs to be avoided at all costs.

We did a thorough analysis of the information available and there’s definitely something suspicious going on. This is surely nothing but a website that wants to rob you of money while not delivering what it promises.

We wanted to warn everyone to stay away from this website to avoid being scammed and losing money. So, we’ll look at this CFD Trader scam by considering some factors that give away the fact that this is not a site to trust.

CFD Trader initial registration page

Lenny Hyde – The Imaginary Creator

Supposedly, Lenny Hyde is the name of the one who is marketing the trading system. But we don’t think that this is the actual person who founded the trading system.

It was all suddenly suspicious when we didn’t find any type of profile for him, one that shows his professional background or proves his software developer skills. There’s no sight of him anywhere, and trust us, we were digging the Internet everywhere to find links to his profiles and accreditation. In the end, there was nothing. Not even LinkedIn managed to help us.

The only thing available, respectively a picture, was not even of this person. It was a stock image. When a site uses a stock image to convince people they are legit, you know it’s time to run as far away from it as possible.
Lenny Hyde is nothing but an imaginary character made by the real owners of the website. They are pushing this fake story to hide from the people they scammed and the authorities. This website is illegal considering it’s not even regulated.

How Does the Scam Work?

This CFD Trader scam literally takes your money. The creators are trying their best to make their users deposit money, and once the money is deposited, the chances are that there’s no way for the client to see that money again. The robot created was not properly designed and it doesn’t work. Seriously, who wants to use a CFD trader with a robot that doesn’t work? Stay away from this site if you don’t want your money to be stolen as soon as you join and make a deposit.

Actors Used for Testimonials

The scammers went as far as to hire actors to promote their CFD Trader scam, so they could fool as many people as possible. Their homepage contains a video where some actors praise the software and talk about how it changed their life for the better. But they show no proof of this, so why would anyone believe them? They are definitely paid actors.
It’s not unusual to find fake testimonials on scam websites, since they want to do their best to trick people into spending money on their services.

Fake Badges

Even the media badges they use are fake. Just look on the site and you’ll find something about the site being endorsed by BBC, CNN, and other big names. However, if you look on these websites, you will find nothing about this. It’s all fake information meant to trick people and then scam them.

Fake Trading Results

The live trading activities table on the homepage is also made up. Everything in there is fake. The results are displayed like that to attract people and take their money.

You cannot even verify the results and that’s very suspicious. They are simply meant to mislead people.
Aside from this, the high win rate is way too exaggerated, and it’s obvious that this was done in order to fool people into scamming them. The CFD Trading scam is possible because of the 99.83% accuracy rate displayed that tricks people into using this service.


Make sure you stay away from this trader and that you never make any deposits on this site. The team is full of scammers and you will lose the money you “invested”. Consider some true traders instead.

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