Lowest Spread Forex Brokers

It is  important to pick the best forex platform offering a low spread. A low spread is a welcome sight for most forex traders: it means that the goal of achieving small, consistent gains is more achievable. While we can control aspects like trading when markets are active and volatility is down,

In this review, we share the lowest spread Forex brokers to help you decide which is the best for you.

Best Low Spread Forex Brokers in the World

  • Pepperstone – Ultra Low Spread Forex Broker from 0.0 Pips
  • XM Group – 0.6 Pips
  • AvaTrade – Fixed Tight Spreads 1.0 Pip
  • eToro – 1 Pip
  • IC Markets – 0.1 Pips


While putting together a list of winning low spread forex trading platforms, we considered the following aspects:

  • Lowest spread on offer
  • The platform’s reputation
  • Pairings offered
  • The platform’s fees
  • The platform’s security
  • Additional features offered

#1 Pepperstone – The Lowest Forex Spreads Broker

Pepperstone offers insanely low spreads, with the EUR/USD pair going as low as 0.0 pips on Razor Account.

It offers access to a wide range of markets, making it a versatile platform and ideal for beginners and experts alike.

It doesn’t charge commission trading fees on its casual plan, which is what sets it apart from many other platforms. You can make safe trades at an incredible rate without having to worry about your gains going straight into the company’s bank account.

It’s a very secure platform and has been highly regarded by traders for many years, while its functionality is excellent – trading speeds are top-notch, which again is a huge benefit for day traders.

Its casual plan avoids commission fees and gives you access to a superb trading platform with great spreads. For ultra-competitive spreads, its paid Razor subscription plan is an incredible tool that more than justifies the additional cost.

Pepperstone’s customer care is also excellent. All in all, a top-rated platform.


  • Amazing low spreads
  • No commission fees on the casual plan
  • Great security
  • Accessible platform
  • Great customer service
  • Highly trusted


  • No bonuses
  • Not available for USA and Japan traders

#2 AvaTrade – Fixed Tight Spreads

AvaTrade is an established name in the industry and offers an impressive spread of 0.9 pips with zero commission fees. You’ll find a superb range of pairs on this platform. Deposits and withdrawals are free, making this a great choice for beginner traders looking for the best lowest spread Forex brokers.

The site has excellent security and is fully compatible with Metatrader 4 & 5 and several platforms provided by the company. There is a small fee to open an account, but the low-risk, high-quality service offered by AvaTrade easily offsets this for active traders.

We should note that the platform has higher-than-usual inactivity fees. Still, as most traders looking for the lowest spread Forex brokers intend to be active, this is a negligible concern.

The platform also offers superb research tools, which is always a welcome addition.


  • Well-regarded name
  • Secure platform
  • Very competitive spread
  • Wide range of pairs
  • Great research tools


  • Higher inactivity fees

FP Markets

FP Markets offers incredibly low spreads beginning at 0 pip. This makes it a very viable candidate for traders looking for those consistent gains – the risk is minimal with this broker. If it sounds too good to be true, know that the broker is heavily regulated and has been a trusted player since 2005.

The broker offers a great range of educational resources and research tools, which is laudable and makes it a top choice for beginner Forex traders. It can be used with many third-party platforms for trading and is overall a very solid choice.

The one downside is that it’s not available to U.S. citizens, making it slightly less accessible.


  • One of the lowest spread Forex brokers
  • Trusted and established broker
  • Excellent resources
  • Compatible with many platforms


  • Not available in the U.S.

IC Markets

IC Markets has been active since 2007, making it another well-established and trusted broker. It averages 0.1 pips, which makes it an extremely attractive choice for day traders and also a superb option for scalpers.

It doesn’t charge for deposits, withdrawals, or commissions, which somewhat offsets its high minimum deposit amount. Although, the deposit can put beginner investors off.


  • Established and trusted
  • Very secure
  • Very low spread
  • Ideal for scalpers


  • High deposit

XM Group

Forex.com is among the most trusted trading platforms worldwide. It gives you access to an extensive range of pairs and is compatible with the MT4 platform, and offers several premium options.

Due to its size, there can be a wait for account verification, and it charges a commission for all transactions. However, it is among the lowest spread Forex brokers and is a highly trusted platform with great resources.


  • Renowned for reliability
  • Works with several platforms
  • Very low spread
  • Accessible interface
  • Top-quality security


  • Longer wait to sign up
  • Flat commission rate


FXTM provides access to a wide range of markets, offering options on 80 currency pairs. It’s also a very secure choice and is extremely popular in the U.S. due to its accessibility and high-quality infrastructure.

The platform offers strong educational resources. Although, like Forex.com, account verification can take a while. Another drawback is that it charges higher-than-average inactivity fees and a flat commission rate.


  • Wide range of currency pairs
  • Very secure
  • Trusted provider
  • Superb resources


  • Verification takes time
  • Higher inactivity fees

How to Choose the Best Lowest Spread Forex Broker

Still not sure which of the lowest spread Forex brokers to choose? We’ve put together a brief guide to our top criteria.

Low-Risk Investments

Check out the range of spreads on offer, but don’t be fooled by one low spread – look at the range across the platform. Many shops sell products “from $0.01”, but that doesn’t mean everything is super-cheap.

Trusted Platforms

Reputation matters in Forex, so we recommend researching the history and credentials of any broker.

Wide Range of Pairs

More pairs mean better options – as long as the spread is good. One good spread with 60 bad spreads isn’t a great choice: look at the options available.

Good Security

Security is paramount in trading. Make sure your platform has good protection for its users before signing up.


Mitigating risk is part of searching for a low spread. It should also be part of your search criteria when you look for top rated Forex brokers.

Be as shrewd in choosing your service provider as you are with how you use it, and you won’t go wrong. Or, you can take the pressure off finding a broker and choose one of the reputable brokers on our list above.

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