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Full list of MAS-Regulated Brokers

Business Entity NameMAS license number
PLUS500SG PTE. LTD.201422211Z
Saxo Capital Markets Pte. Ltd.200601141M
CMC Markets Singapore Pte. Ltd. 200605050E
GFI Group PTE -
OCBC Securities Private Limited 196600262R
OANDA Asia Pacific Pte Ltd200704926K
IG Asia Pte Ltd-
Swissquote Pte. Ltd.201906194G
SCB-Julius Baer (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.201825230W
Morgan Stanley Asia (Singapore) Pte.199206298Z
Merrill Lynch (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.198602883D
Goldman Sachs (Singapore) Pte.198602165W
Citigroup Global Markets Singapore Pte. Ltd.199002673E
CGS-CIMB Securities (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.198701621D
Caxton (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.201608384E
Blackrock (Singapore) Limited200010143N
Balyasny Asset Management (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.201619395D

What is MAS ?

MAS Monetary Authority of Singapore
The MAS or Monetary Authority of Singapore is the central bank and integrated financial markets regulator in the country of Singapore. It was founded in 1971 to manage various monetary functions and policies. This helped the MAS progress into a powerful and well-known regulatory agency.

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They also oversee financial markets, including the stock exchange, to ensure proper conduct and investor education to help traders who contribute to the economic growth in Singapore. One of their main goals is to help further develop the city-state as an international financial center.

MAS has many additional responsibilities related to the development of the financial market. They aid in fraud prevention, workflow applications, information provision, and more. Their services have helped lead Singapore to financial success.

The MAS is a top-tier financial authority established to help keep traders financially safe when trading in the market. Main purpose of MAS is also to keep traders at ease when there is already enough volatility to consider when making important decisions as they buy and sell on the market.

Compensation scheme for Singapore traders

Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) provides a compensation scheme called the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC).

The SDIC administers the Deposit Insurance Scheme and Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme, which protect Singapore investors in case an MAS-regulated bank or financial institution goes bankrupt.

The Deposit Insurance Scheme covers up to S$75,000 of eligible deposits per depositor in each insured bank.

According to their official website: “SDIC insures Singapore dollar denominated deposits placed with a DI Scheme member in any of its branches in Singapore”.

The benefits of MAS licensed brokers

MAS forex brokers are world-known companies because of Singapore’s success as a financial center for Southeast Asia. Companies like IG, Oanda, CMC Markets, Saxo must comply with very strict forex market regulations as they offer trade services and build strong reputations within the stock market through their brokerage firms in Singapore.

The operations of a variety of financial companies and institutions based in Singapore work together with the financial regulatory development of the city-state alongside and under the supervision of the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Every investment service firm must be authorized and submit a MAS license before they can begin operations. Otherwise, they do not adhere to the strict regulations of the institution. Since MAS is one of the most strict and well-developed authorities, they regularly update their policies and work closely with clients to ensure financial protection.

Licensed brokers are required to prove their credibility by providing a list of their employees and their qualifications before they can open for business. They also must adhere to strict accounting and bookkeeping guidelines to prove the separate movement of client and business funds.

Brokers under these regulations are required to ensure that money traders use or deposit within their platforms is kept safe if the broker were to collapse or liquidate. The regulations include measures that have been taken to ensure the financial stability and the financial health of the broker. They also prevent the ability of trader funds from being used for the brokerage’s business activities.

As a trader, you want to use a platform offered by a broker that is MAS regulated to keep yourself and your money safe. When the firm is not regulated, you are at risk of losing any of the money that you have on the platform.

Final Thoughts

Brokerages that are MAS regulated are maintained in the most secure investment environment. The strong client protection policies enforced by the MAS ensure that traders are financially protected from the brokers they choose to trade with. These brokers tend to be the highest-ranked globally due to the constant supervision that guarantees they adhere to the enforced regulations.

Many brokers in Singapore are international companies, but the initiatives led by the MAS focus on the local population to prevent false registration. Before choosing a broker, you should always fact-check that they are regulated by the MAS or another certified governing body to guarantee you are protected.

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