7 Best Forex Traders in Malaysia and How They Became Millionaires

Below are some of the most successful Forex traders in Malaysia:

#1. Oma Ally

Oma Ally
Photo: Facebook.com

Omar Ali, better known as Oma Ally is the best forex trader in Malaysia.

With 18,000 Instagram @omaallybbma Oma Ally is a well-known Forex guru throughout Malaysia and the neighboring countries. His most notable achievement is his work on a strategy called BBMA – this stands for Bollinger Bands and Moving Averages. This strategy can be used for traders in any market at any experience level.

In addition to being the founder of the BBMA Trading System, Oma Ally was appointed Advisor on the Technical Board of the Malaysian Association of Technical Analysts (MATA) in 2018. He was also a frequent guest speaker at events held around the country.

Ally has coached and mentored many successful traders in his time as a prominent figure in the Forex community and continues to help traders with his famous strategy.

#2. Rayn Lim

rayn lim
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Rayn Lim is a trader from Singapore who primarily works from his business located in his home country.

Rayn currently has over 3,800 followers on Instagram and can be found on Twitter with the same username (@raynlim). Lim also runs a discord channel with over 100 members to help users find financial success on the Forex market.

However, Rayn Lim belongs on any list of top Forex traders in Malaysia because he’s well-known in the region and an inspiration to many Malaysian Forex beginners.

Lim discovered Forex trading in Malaysia in 2005 and has since become a top author on TradingView and works as a Forex coach. He is dedicated to sharing his insight and analysis with those looking to profit from trading.

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#3. MyTradingSpace_JK

Jeanne Kong - Mytradingspace by JK
Photo: Facebook.com/mytradingspace/

MyTradingSpace_JK is the name of the well-known trading account run by Jeanne Kong.

Jeanne Kong can be found on Facebook or Twitter (@JeanneKong), where she frequently updates her 400 followers on her earnings and provides advice for becoming a successful trader.

She is a Malaysian fx trader who used to go by the username JeanneK and started her career on TradingView around 2015. She is most known for her focus on commodities and cryptocurrency trading.

Kong is also known for sharing her opinions and insights on how to become a confident trader. She shares tips and charts from her ten years of experience as a trader in addition to healthy mindsets new traders must adopt to achieve their goals.

She can also be found on Telegram (@MyTradingSpace), with over 400 follower subscribers on the popular messaging platform.

#4. Ezone Constantine

Ezone Constantine
Photo: https://ezoneconstantine.com/home

Ezone Constantine is a full-time investor and trader in the Forex Exchange, most known as the founder of the Malaysian company, Quanz Solutions. He is a Certified Financial Technician and holds many titles and certifications, in addition to being a keynote speaker for multiple famous trader events throughout Asia.

Ezone Constantine has almost 6,000 followers on Facebook and over 2,000 subscribers on Telegram.

One of Constantine’s most notable achievements is his position as co-founder of the TAD system, one of Malaysia’s most famous stock market trading systems. He also acted as the expert advisor in the creation of the R&D algorithm and robot trade for the Forex market.

Constantine now works as a full-time trader and hosts exclusive training classes for beginning and novice traders. He uses his skills to teach traders how to successfully make profits in Forex trading.

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#5. Khalid Hamid

Khalid Hamid
Photo: https://www.facebook.com

Khalid Hamid is a familiar face to anyone interested in Forex in Malaysia, with a following on every major social media platform. He started his career in 2011, providing educational materials for new traders.

Khalid Hamid has amassed almost 27.500  followers on his personal Instagram (@khalidhamid_mk) in addition to his 10.800 thousand followers on his TFS Price Action Trading Instagram account.

Now, this trading course has become an exclusive group known as TFS Price Action Trading.

His work as the founder of TFS Price Action Trading has helped many traders around Malaysia and beyond become successful Forex traders through his free e-book, online events, and trading tips he regularly shares with his followers.

He also has a website, blog, and an official WhatsApp for TFS Price Action Trading.

#6. SL-Trades

SL-Trades is the username on TradingView that belongs to a successful trader based in Sarawak, Malaysia. He gained his reputation as a skillful trader by operating in various markets. The majority of his trades include commodities, Forex, and stocks.

SL-Trades hasn’t shared much about his personal life and has a modest social media following. However, he frequently offers information about Forex trading and trading in general on his profile to his loyal following.

#7. tohchin7010

tohchin7010 is another well-known username belonging to a trader located in Malaysia. Little information is available about this successful forex trader, including their name or gender. But this hasn’t stopped the elusive trader from drawing the attention of other traders on the platform.

The reason they are included on the list is the result of their unique take on Forex trading by using the Indonesian Rupiah and Malaysian Ringgit. tohchin7010 focuses their transactions on commodities trading, with the other half taking place on the Forex market.

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Forex trading in Malaysia continues to be a popular activity for those  looking to make more money. Most people enter the market as a side hustle but remain as their earnings grow.

Many successful traders in Malaysia become full-time traders and open workshops to help others follow in their footsteps. This success often comes with a large online following, speaking engagements, and a job doing what they love.

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