The Richest Forex Traders In The World

The richest forex traders in the world earn billions of dollars.

Will you be the next forex billionaire ?

Forex is a market, and where there’s a market, there are people who make a fortune.

Let’s take a look at the forex rich list!

List of the Richest Forex Traders

  1. George Soros
  2. Paul Tudor Jones
  3. Stanley Druckenmiller
  4. Bill Lipschutz
  5. Andrew Krieger
  6. Michael Marcus
  7. Richard Dennis
  8. Joe Lewis


richest forex traders

1. George Soros

George Soros has previously been at the top of the list of richest forex traders, and his forex acumen is matched only by his commitment to philanthropy. George Soros

He’s donated $32 billion over the years to his Open Society Foundation.

Soros began working in banking in the 1950s and soon became an in-demand trader. He founded his first hedge fund, the Double Eagle (later renamed the Quantum Fund), in 1969, followed by Soros Fund Management in 1970.

He made a fortune by taking a short position on the UK pound before the Black Wednesday financial crisis in 1992. His profit was estimated to be over $1 billion. He continued to build success out of crises, selling short the Thai baht and Malaysian ringgit right before the southeast Asian financial crisis in 1997 and making another fortune.

Soros attributes his great success to his ability to learn from his mistakes and correct course. “I’m only rich because I know when I’m wrong,” he told The Wall Street Journal. A worthwhile lesson for any aspiring forex billionaire.

What is the net worth of George Soros?

The net worth of George Soros is $6.7 billion.

2. Paul Tudor Jones

paul tudor jones

Despite recently overtaking the #2 person as the richest forex trader on this list, Paul Tudor Jones’ career started off pretty ignominiously. After a night out on the town, he fell asleep at his job trading cotton futures and was immediately fired.

Just four years later, though, he opened Tudor Investment Corporation. One of his first clients? The boss who had fired him.

Tudor Investment Corporation grew and started to include forex trading. Jones’ big moment came in 1987; he had been expecting a market crash, and when Black Monday came, he tripled his money.

Jones describes his investment philosophy as focusing on technical analysis as opposed to market momentum. Whether you’re analyzing the particulars of a business or the strength of a currency in a $702 billion market, it’s sound advice.

What is the net worth of Paul Tudor Jones?

The net worth of Paul Tudor Jones is $7.5 billion.

3. Stanley Druckenmiller


Stanley Druckenmiller learned from the master George Soros himself. He was a key player in the Quantum Fund’s decision to short the British pound in 1992.

He thought the pound was grossly overvalued within the European Exchange Mechanism.

After parting ways with Soros in 2000, he moved to Duquesne Capital and handled billions of dollars of investments for them. His investment philosophy focused on holding onto some assets, including forex, for the long term and making short-term trades with others. This hedging philosophy allowed Duquesne to post average returns of 30% during his tenure there.

Though Druckenmiller closed his hedge fund in 2010, citing his inability to give investors returns up to his standards, he still maintains his own personal and family investments. Druckenmiller’s high standards and eagerness to learn are a great object lesson.

What is the net worth of Stanley Druckenmiller?

The net worth of Stanley Druckenmiller is $6.4 billion.

4. Bill Lipschutz

Bill Lipschutz started out as a hobby trader, turning $12,000 of inherited stocks into $250,000 !!

He then lost that full quarter million on one ill-considered trading Bill Lipschutzdecision. Lipschutz didn’t give up, though, and eventually started his own company, Hathersage Capital Management, in 1995.

Hathersage focuses on trading G10 currencies. Lipschutz believes forex trading is all about psychology and considers market perceptions along with key currency fundamentals. It doesn’t matter why people have particular views of the market, just that they act on them.

One of his most poignant pieces of advice to young forex traders is to feel the pain of every loss. Traders need to feel anguish to learn from their experiences and adjust their conceptions. If you’re numb to this pain, he says, you begin to gamble away investors’ money without thinking about it.

Lipschutz’s experience of feeling real investment pain but being willing to jump back in continues to inspire budding traders worldwide.

What is the net worth of Bill Lipschutz?

The net worth of Bill Lipschutz is $2 billion.

5. Andrew Krieger

Andy Krieger may not be a household name, but he’s a legend among forex traders. Like others on this list, he made his name because of the Black Monday financial Andy Kriegercrisis in 1987. But there’s a twist to his story.

Capital flight from stocks flooded into other commodities, including the New Zealand Dollar. As the NZD went up, Krieger predicted it couldn’t last forever and shorted the currency. The result: crisis for the New Zealand Central Bank and $300 million for his company, Bankers Trust.

Right after, Krieger moved to work with Soros Fund Management, perhaps giving the pointers that led to the 1992 pound short. Krieger also founded his own trading company.

Krieger’s forex style is as bold and brash as his personal life is secret. His net worth can only be estimated. His confidence and belief in his own vision, combined with his preference for privacy, continue to make him a figure of curiosity.

What is the net worth of Andrew Krieger?

The net worth of Andrew Krieger is $1.6 billion.

6. Michael Marcus

Michael Marcus

The path Michael Marcus took to forex is similar to Paul James Tudor’s: they both started off trading commodities. Marcus began with plywood futures in the early 1970s but then moved into freight derivatives.

During the 1980s, he worked under Ed Seykota at Commodities Corporation Company. He purchased almost $300 worth of German Deutsch marks during this time, using the high value of the US dollar to turn profits for his employer.

Marcus also serves on the boards of biotech companies and invests large sums of his own money in clean energy companies. His investment philosophy emphasizes patience and careful thinking. Perhaps the market has already tried your idea and discounted it; your unique approach could be what makes it work.

What is the net worth of Michael Marcus?

The net worth of Michael Marcus is approx. $10 million.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Who is the richest forex trader ?

The richest forex trader  is George Soros.

Who is the most successful Forex trader in history?

George Soros is according to many, the most successful forex trader of all time.

How To Get On The Rich List?

Not everyone can become one of the richest forex traders, but you can certainly learn the principles of success in forex from those who have proved their worth. Start by studying these six individuals, and remember, patience is key. All of these people put time, effort, and resources into becoming the highly successful traders they are today.

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