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We are a successful fintech startup, that aims to provide help to investors in selecting the right online broker.

Meet the Team

Edward Kendy: Co-Founder at BestOnlineForexBroker.com

Ed is a CEO and head of forex brokers research. He has grown up in Ireland,  studied shortly in the Czech republic and in Austria but currently lives in the UK. He leads the entire team. He is also responsible for communication with media and with our business partners. Ed is a husband and a father of two.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/edward_kendy

About.me:  https://about.me/edwardkendy

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/edward-kendy

CrunchBase: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/bestonlineforexbroker-com

Cheryl Autumn – CFO at BestOnlineForexBroker.com

With 25 years of experience in accounting and audit, Cheryl is a retired senior accountant and helps us with budgeting, planning, invoicing and accounting.



Jocelyn Black – Digital Media Intern at BestOnlineForexBroker.com

Student of marketing, Jocelyn is passionate about social media, Jocelyn is our new colleague who joined our dynamic team late of 2018 to help us with leveraging our social media strategy. You can see her work running Facebook Ads and updating our ads on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram etc.


Here at BestOnlineForexBroker.com, we are a small team of online trading experts. We continue to test every regulated forex broker we come across to deliver honest, helpful reviews for our readers.

There are hundreds of brokers around the world and we understand that sorting through them can seem a bit overwhelming.When you are looking for a forex broker, you need to make sure you work with a company that is financially secure and that has a good track record with past clients. This includes having a strict outline of how they do business with you and handle your money. If you aren’t sure if your forex broker is regulated or not, you won’t feel safe with them handling your money.

Our Goal

Our primary goal is to learn enough about every forex broker in order become the best online resource for independent traders to gather information and resources on forex brokers. We aim to ensure that you are able to find the absolute best forex broker to suit your needs, no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced trader.

Our in-depth research is backed up by reviews from thousands of clients to assist you in making a smart and informed decision.Working with a forex broker is a unique experience that is a great opportunity to begin growing your wealth in the long term by trading currencies.

Why Use BestOnlineForexBroker.com

There are many  forex broker comparison websites out there, but it can be hard to determine if they have done their necessary research or not. Our research is well founded on trustworthy resources, and we have a lot of experience with reviewing popular fx brokers.

Our team offers experienced reviews on many aspects of the topic, including the top ten  brokers and insight into what forex trading platform to use. These comprehensive reviews include information about spreads, account features, and other helpful aspects of the different regulated online brokers. While there are too many online brokers for us to list reviews on every single one, we strive to provide helpful information on as many of the major online forex brokers and competitors as we can.

Helpful Articles and Resources

Besides our many well-informed online broker reviews, BestOnlineForexBroker.com also has a lot of helpful educational resources. We have tips for the beginning traders and the more advanced traders, as well as the importance of utilizing a demo account to test a specific broker’s services as well as their trading platform. These also give insight into price quotes and trading tools for that particular trading platform. The specific analytic tools can vary slightly depending on which online broker and trading platform you end up using, so finding the ones that work best for you is important.

BestOnlineForexBroker.com is a great resource for well versed and novice traders alike. Our essential resources will assist you in making an informed choice before diving into your trading adventures and help you feel more comfortable with you online forex broker decisions.