The Best Forex Mentors and Educators “2023 Awards”

As a part of our Annual FOREX AWARDS we rate the best forex educators. There are many forex mentors one can find online, but only a few of them have rock solid results and proven track record when it comes to truly teaching people how to trade profitably on currency markets.

Top 10 Best Forex Mentors and Educators:

  1. The Forex Trading Coach 
  2. Asia Forex Mentor
  3. Forex Mentor PRO
  5. Vladimir Ribakov 
  7. Clay Hodges
  8. Chris Hunter
  9. Roman Patterson
  10. Trading With Rayner

Compare Forex Trading Tutors

Free Training LessonsOne on One CoachingForex SignalsPricing
The Forex Trading Coach YYN$9.8 up to $2,497
Asia Forex MentorYYN$940
Forex Mentor PROYNN$37/month up to $397
EliteCurrenSea.comNNYup to $750
Traders Academy ClubNNN$268



#1 – The Forex Trading Coach


With over 12 years of experience in the industry, Andrew Mitchem offers a unique approach to teaching technical trading that focuses on helping his students become independent traders.

His coaching program stands out from the competition because of the personal attention he provides to each student and the abundance of free educational materials available on his website.

Additionally, Andrew posts specific trades daily for clients to learn from and profit from. Join his coaching program today and take the first step towards becoming a successful trader!

Andrew’s forex strategies can be applied to all currency pairs and timeframes. Trades are initiated on the close of a candle, which means that very little chart time is needed. With his strategies, you can easily trade for only 10-20 minutes a day and still achieve significant results.

What sets Andrew apart from others in the industry is his approach to trading – he trades with real money, and his coaching program focuses on helping traders become independent and successful in their own right.

Genuine reviews from satisfied clients on the FPA ( attest to the effectiveness of his program, with many stating that they turned to Andrew as a last resort before giving up on forex trading altogether.

With a wealth of free educational resources available on his website and daily trade suggestions for clients, Andrew’s FX coaching program is a great investment for anyone looking to take their trading skills to the next level and achieve success in the forex market.

What do you get:

  • 1:1 coaching sessions with Andrew Mitchem
  • charting indicators and patterns that can be used on MT4 / MT5
  • weekly live trading room webinars
  • access to the membership site
  • private forum for members
  • support from Andrew

Visit rating on FPA

#2 – Asia Forex Mentor (by Ezekiel Chew)

Asia Forex Mentor logo

Ezekiel Chew is a well-known forex trading tutor in Southeast Asia. You can now enroll in his online mentorship program called the “AFM Proprietary ONE CORE PROGRAM.” Based on our unbiased review, this program could be the only training you ever need to purchase for professional forex trading.

If you’re looking to make significant gains from forex trading, we highly recommend trying the trial offer. For many years, Ezekiel Chew has taught professional bank traders and fund managers how to trade successfully.

Now, he’s sharing his wisdom with retail forex traders like you.

What do you get inside this course?

This online program will teach you everything from the basics of setting up your Metatrader MT4, to more advanced concepts like price action trading.

Some of the knowledge you will learn in Ezekiel Chew’s forex coaching program includes:

  • Forex and MT4 Basics Setup
  • Price Action Trading : Bullish and Bearish Bar, Inside Bars, Mini Bars, Engulfing Bars, Pin Bars etc.
  • How to Setup Entries, Stop Losses and Exits (very important stuff)
  • Risk Management from A to Z (how to calculate Risk Reward Ration and lots of other valuable information)
  • Complete course about “Reading the Technical Charts
  • Best Forex Trading Strategies overview
  • Mentor will share with you his personal Road to Millions Formula that you can copy
  • Fundamental Analysis basics to advanced stuff
  • Last but not the least 1 year of Live Trading with forex mentor Ezekiel Chew

You will find an abundance of valuable content inside Ezekiel Chew’s AFM Proprietary ONE CORE PROGRAM, far beyond what has been mentioned previously.

FPA Rating for Asian Forex Mentor Ezekiel Chew


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#3 – by “Marc Walton”

Forex Mentor PRO logo

Forex Mentor PRO has been in the game since 2008!

Guys behind this project Marc Walton and Pierre du Plessis have taken many students from noobs into disciplined fx traders. Both Mark and Pierre have been in the trading industry for a quite a long time.

They claim to have over 50 years of trading experience combined.

The founder Marc Walton is the real trader with over 60,000 authentic followers on Twitter (no fake persona).

What do you get inside the course:

  • live training sessions each week
  • access pre-recorded video training courses
  • access to their private forum
  • access to proprietary software and templates
  • you will learn how to use fundamental analysis
  • personalized trading plan for you to follow!
  • 30-min phone call with the mentor
  • live trading sessions
  • 30-day Money back guarantee

Pricing: Forex Mentor PRO offers some of the most competitive pricing in the market, with two options available: $47 per month or $197 per year.


FMP Rating

#4 –

Elite Curren Sea is a one-stop-shop for  forex education and forex automated trading systems!

What do you get:

  1. Ultima EA – EA with 410% account growth based on their SWAT method
  2. ZEUS EA – automated EA with 75% WIN rate since December 2018
  3. CAMMACD – multiple times awarded momentum trading methods taught by Nenad Kerkez
  4. SWAT – Simple Wave Analysis and Trading taught by Chris Svorcik
  5. LIVE Daily Setups and Market Insights 


Prices vary product by product, please check their website!

Behind the forex coaching site with a quite bizzare name are two well known European traders Chris Svorcik & Nenad Kerkez aka “TarantulaFX“. Although these guys are truly forex dinosaurs (both have been in the trading industry for more than 10 years), they have been teaching others how to trade fx under the brand name publicly since 2014 and during this short period they gathered several industry awards for example *2017’s FXStreet’s Best Video Podcast* or *2016’s UK Forex Awards for Best Educator* and last but not the least an outstanding rating from their students on

The style of Chris is based on price patterns. “Although chart and wave patterns can be confusing for traders” Chris argues, judging by their public feedback and information on the website, he has managed to develop a simple approach based on moving averages, Fibs, and Fractals as the main tools to trade waves and catch momentum without knowing the wave count and more complex elements of the theory.

Chris and Nenad are true “rising stars”. Their entry level service, [ecs.LIVE]( helps trades with daily setups (intra day and swing trading), education, webinars and access to the community.


Read our Elite Curren Sea review here.
EliteCurrenSea rating on FPA

#5 – Vladimir Ribakov


Vladimir Ribakov is a trading LEGEND for a good reason. He has recently rebranded his forex mentoring flagship that was known for years under his own name into

They call themselves as “Trading Club”.

What you get:

  • pre-recorded webinars + live webinars
  • downloadable trading tools
  • trading career opportunities (with 3rd parties)
  • Free trading strategies – SPT 9Swing Point Trader
  • 24\7 Forex Telegram groups

Pricing: $268


FPA rating for Vladimir Ribakov

#6 –


Nial Fuller is yet another coaching legend on this list of top forex educators.

Focusing mostly on Price Action  strategies, he is truly a renowned forex authority on Internet, who became even more popular after winning the 2016’s Million Dollar Trading Competition by AxiTrader broker.

In our opinion his online mentoring program is one of the top paid Price Action Trading courses available.

There is a substantial amount of free information (aka forex trading basics) on his website. At the top of that you can take his PRO forex trading course available where you will learn the advanced Price Action strategies that he has been using personally.

What do you get:

  • Pre-recorded trading videos
  • Coaching via Email
  • Daily trade ideas

Pricing: 229$


#7 – (Best Free Source)


Most of newbies in forex came across this huge resource of free info called The project for over a decade which is quite some time and we think that it is fair to award them for their comprehensive free source of information and unique education angle which they took.


Why choosing the best forex mentor is a key to a successful forex trading

Forex trading can be very frustrating and difficult to grasp for beginners and intermediate traders. Unfortunately our industry is filled with many crooks that want your dollars. Choosing a serious partner can speed up the process of learning the ropes. We think one will reach their goals faster with a leading hand of an expert.

Our methodology

Edward Kendy and his team at runs  Forex Mentor Awards on a yearly basis, and our  selection criteria is quite strict.

We hate the fact that fx retail industry is full of con artists. We are on the mission to inform forex traders about the best products, brokers and services in general. We want to show products with true inner value for traders. We want traders to stop wasting their time and money on crappy products.

During the market research we evaluated several aspects like fx mentor reputation, years of experience, last but not the least the overall satisfaction of people with the mentorship program (taken from independent ratings on the web).

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