Elite CurrenSea Review 2023 – Is ECS really worth your money?

This is our unbiased Elite CurrenSea review.

The forex masterminds behind Elite CurrenSea

So who are the smart heads behind the scenes ?

Meet the guys who will teach you how to trade FX like a ninja:

Chris Svorcik

One of the co-founders  happens to be a  notable member of the FX community, which  has put in more than a decade of active analytical  as well as educational work. His recognition stems mainly  from the  creation of a simplified wave analysis and trading (ecs.SWAT) approach. Also in the community, Chris weight  has to his credit  numerous awards,  including the Best Educator from the UK Forex Awards and the best sell-side analysis from Fxstreet.

Nenad Kerkez

The other co-founder  is held in high esteem as a versatile momentum trader  owing to  the numerous hours he put into teaching  as well as the  invention of a trading style  which combines Moving Averages  with the Camarilla Pivot Point indicator (ecs.CAMMACD). In addition, Nenad has   to his credit multiple FXstreet awards which he won in 2016 and 2017 and is  reputed for his top-rated skills  in managing risks. He also has a strong  connection with the community  in the course of his offline and online trading sessions across the UK and Europe.

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What’s inside the Elite CurrenSea member zone:

Both retail and institutional traders  are going to find Elite CurrenSea (ECS) very useful for setups, strategies, market research,  as well as software  for  trading a  number of instruments,  including Cryptos, FX, Commodities, and Indices. It also  gives a review of opportunities for long term investments/passive income.

Since 2014 when Nenad Kerkez  and Chris Svorcik  began Elite CurrenSea, the brand has received  several awards from  such bodies as  UK-Forex-Awards  and FXStreet.  It has also  merited  fantastic reviews on  economic websites.

Analysis & Market Research

Elite CurrenSea  comes up with online daytrading ideas  together with market research on Stocks, Forex Trading, Cryptocurrencies, and Indices on daily basis. It also dishes out signals  and systems of trading to premium subscribers.

The research  as well as analysis  is available to subscribers of newsletter.  They  can also  be found on their YouTube and Twitter channels. For purpose of the review, Elite CurrenSea had five full-time analysts on its research team.

Quote from Nenad Kerkez

“Price Is Everything. Everything you need to see on the chart is reflected through the price action, momentum and trend. Technical principles that focus on camarilla pivots and strict money management are crucial. Don’t forget that we are effectively trading the risk, so knowing the correct money management is crucial. It is the Holy Grail of trading. Stop searching for the Holy Grail. With the CAMMACD method you should master it all and become one with the price.”

Quote From Chris Svorcik

“The secret for understanding price patterns and the market structure of any chart is by using moving averages, fractals, and Fibonacci. These 3 tools form the backbone of my analysis and they simplify my approach (ecs.SWAT) to a rules based method. In my view, the most unique aspect of ecs.SWAT is the fact that traders can trade wave and price patterns without knowing or counting the waves. The key element to success is understanding how price, moving averages, Fibs, and fractals behave and move versus each other.”

Online Webinars & Free Education

Before the advent of Elite CurrenSea, Nenad  and Chris  had  worked with a number of major FX brokers as analysts and the head educators. We  had discovered  numerous videos  as well as  many trading courses  before Elite CurrenSea days,  among them are beginners price action courses,  more advanced  training  which focused on Moment,  Swing Trading methods, etc.

Elite CurrenSea  provides a  large number of educational pieces that center on Wave Analysis, Fibonacci, Range Bars, Moving Averages, Support & Resistance,  plus other  modern and well developed topics. Traders can easily find most of the educational materials  on the Section of the website. Which is devoted to Market Research  and Education.

Also on the home page, there  exists a  number of free guides  plus trading manuals ecs.START –  the review has revealed that the packages  comprise four trading handouts  as well as  numerous free indicators (camarilla & wizz).

Nenad  and Chris also  provide  access to trading rooms, at no cost, for repeats of market  and practical education. ECS  employs crowdcast casting solution  which makes it extremely easy to interact with  traders and  helps  inject fresh air into the otherwise  choking webinar solutions offerred  in the industry.

Chris explains the goals that Elite CurrenSea wants to achieve with its videos and YouTube channel:

“Our aim is to emphasize real time, forward looking analysis plus trade ideas and not do any after-the-fact recaps. Many educators talk about theory or offer post-fact analysis. We however always share our trade ideas beforehand because we are confident in our methods and systems. You can then learn and evaluate how our ideas, tools, and analysis work out (and decide if they like our methods). We think that traders learn the most from our trading experience when we mix practical education and real live implementation.”

Forex Signals

When it comes to  how Elite CurrenSea  generates income,  its major  source of income is  its member area with premium signals, analysis,  as well as management of trade via a Telegram Group. In the course  of the review, Elite CurrenSea  laid claim to  a minimum win rate of 70%  with respect to their trading ideas. If this claim is correct, it  represents a decent performance for the intraday trading rooms. On the premises of the  company‘s other reviews  coupled with our research, we  bear witness to the  accuracy of the information.

Trading Systems

In the course of the review,  topmost  on the free ecs.START package that is discussed above,  the company was  providing the CAMMACD (intraday) package,  that offers  numerous rules-based price action  and indicator trading systems,  as well as SWAT (patterns) system, which  incorporates both manual trading and rules based methods.

The two systems are complimentary to each other  because traders who  are in love with both indicators and price action  are going to appreciate the ecs.CAMMACD method,  while traders  who like  analyzing and understanding the market structure   more deeply  will  benefit from ecs.SWAT the most. Also, both traders  do not relent in their desire to  enhance and  make their systems up-to-date on a  regular basis  owing to the fact that they make use of the systems themselves  daily. ECS  employs a high bar for its systems of trading and  targets both a 70 percent win rate  and a low drawdown.

Both systems  comprise  more than 8h of video materials which are available  through an Online Learning Platform  and  many protected indicators. ECS has  claimed that  upon the completion of either of the  programs of study, a trader will  possess the ability to trade intra-week, intraday, and/or swing setups without the  assistance of  extra analysis.


SWAT is an  extensive approach for pattern trading,  that  incorporates a full course (24 lessons, 8 hours),  copyrighted software  for analysis of patterns,  plus entry and exit systems used for making  real trading decisions. The methodology of SWAT  assists traders in analysing charts  which feature a deeper  but  easy-to-understand market structure. The  major  advantages are the indicators and tools  that show trend (ecs fractals), momentum (ecs candles),  as well as sentiment change (ecs arrows).

The  major  dissimilarity between other Elliott Wave traders and ECS  depends on non-discretionary and SWAT’s rules-based concepts.  While the users of other Elliott  Waves often get lost in the course of their own wave counts, the SWAT approach  is able to analyse  as well as trade wave patterns, the market structure, and price patterns  using an engenius approach  that  solely  depends on Fractals, moving averages, and Fibonacci. Simply  put, SWAT  makes it possible for you to “trade the waves” without any need to  count or label the actual waves,  that open the door to a  large number of traders.


CAMMACD is the gold standard for price action trading combined with premium indicators. Nenad explains all of the angles for trading support and resistance, breakouts, reversals and momentum continuations. His all-around approach is known for its effectiveness and simplicity as Nenad combines several top notch indicators to find high probability setups. If you are looking for a price action and indicator based combination, then the CAMMACD system could create the edge you are are looking for.

We divided the course into the modules to cover literally all aspects of trading. Traders are able to choose between different trading styles or trade them all. CAMMACD covers:

  1. Scalping – 5m Timeframe
  2. Scalp Swings – 15m TImeframe
  3. Intraday Trading (Trend) – 1H Timeframe
  4. Counter Trend Trading – 1H Timeframe
  5. Swing Trading – 4H Timeframe

Elite CurrenSea Awards

Both Nenad and Chris have seen  fantastic reviews on other Financial websites,  in which traders  rate highly the humble yet  efficient personalities of both co-founders,  which  in addition to robust trading methods  set them apart from  profit-motivated trading gurus.

The company is a holder of:

  • BestOnlineForexBroker.com – “Best Forex Mentor 2019 Awards
  • Best Sell-Side Analysis (2018)
  • FXStreet’s Best Video Podcast (2017)
  • Best Education by Best Forex  and CFD Education by UK Forex Awards (2016)

Elite CurrenSea Review Conclusion

Following my testing of ECS’ premium services and researching of the company‘s origins  as well as co-founders, my website www.BestOnlineForexBroker.com joins the ranks of admirers of the services and attests to the credibility of Elite CurrenSea’s premium and free products.

In case you have  something to add, or you disagree with the  views expressed in this review, please,  do not hesitate to comment in the space provided below!

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