Elite CurrenSea Review 2024 – Is ECS Worth Your Money?

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Our Verdict

Elite CurrenSea (ECS) combines proprietary trading strategies, tools, and resources in one place to offer high quality money management services – for investors who are looking for a laid-back approach to trading Forex & CFDs,  as well as most of its trading software and methodologies – for traders looking to emulate the performance by trading ECS  methods independently.

Elite CurrenSea offers a unique blend of automated and manual forex trading options to its clients. If you meet the net capital requirements and sign up through its trusted brokers, you can sit back and enjoy your investment growth.

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This is our unbiased Elite CurrenSea review.

The Brains Behind Elite CurrenSea

Elite CurrenSea was co-founded by Chris Svorcik and Mykyta Barabanov in 2014 and is still actively managed by both Chris oversees the trading strategies and money management services while Mykyta is responsible for business development, IT & Marketing.

Both the co-founders of ECS have contributed a lot to the company’s evolution, which at the time of review had 10 full-time employees and twice as many strategic partners. This, together with a combined trading experience of over 30 years, allows the company to effectively offer automated trading and money management services to retail and corporate clients/

What Does Elite CurrenSea Offer?

ECS has evolved over the last decade from a forex education platform to a fully automated trading and software development hub. They now offer multi-asset managed portfolio services, automated trading tools, trading strategies, and a strong emphasis on transparency and investor relationships.

Let’s have a glance at ECS services and trading software, which we divide into two categories, money management services, and individual software in the form of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 Expert Advisors.

Money Management Service

The Flagship Account (Semi-Automated) with 113% Return To Date

If you want to invest money in a portfolio-managed style but do not want to manage the portfolio, the ECS Flagship account is for you.

It is a multi-asset portfolio managed by experts Chris Svorcik and Mykyta Barabanov. As of January 2023, the Flagship account had $0.7 million equity. The portfolio relies on a mix of News, Latency, and Momentum trading methods and according to the founders – offers the most advanced exposure to the market to date

You do not need to take part in active trading or worry about setting the orders, charts, and going through various strategies. Everything with the Flagship account is managed for you. The best part, you can see the performance of the portfolio live at any time.

Chris Svorcik recently shared the consistent and impressive total return of the flagship account with a positive 113% return to date. Its monthly return for January 2024 is a healthy +3.05%. The results so far are fairly close to the total targeted return of 130% set for the Flagship portfolio.

The Flagship portfolio invests mainly in Forex, CFDs on stocks & Indices, and some Crypto CFDs. You can join through the managed account program through one of the trusted brokers of ECS or as a solo trader.

The managed account offers profit-sharing packages:

  • 50% profit for net capital of >$800
  • 45% profit for net capital of >$15,000
  • 40% profit for net capital of >$50,000

ECS Signals

ECS offers a taste of their automated trading through a free live signals service on Telegram. Keep in mind that due to the nature of some of the EAs, they are not fully represented in the signals group, but the channel still offers an impressive amount of trading ideas that, when used diligently, can lead to sustainable live trading account growth (check myfxbook for the latest performance).

For the time being, the free signals service includes:

  • German DAX
  • US Dow Jones

Expert Advisors (Automated)

We will cover each individual EA in the section below, but what’s important to point out here is that any of the software ECS is offering to its customers can be directly invested in via a managed account through either one of their regulated broker partners or directly via ECS.

The former method was only available via cryptocurrencies and as we were explained worked by you topping up ECS segregated crypto cold wallets and ECS deposits the respective amount with one of their brokers.

During the review, Mykyta mentioned that the company was in the process of obtaining an investment/brokerage license to make more payment methods available to its clients.

What Money Management Stands Out?

ECS investment mix

ECS aspires to 80% yearly returns for its clients via a mix of its managed accounts, which they help you select depending on your financial goals, risk profile, market preferences, and other factors.

You can take an investing quiz on their website to see which of the services is best suitable for you.

Investor Disclosure

At the time of the review we have a small investment in the ECS money management services with 70% of capital allocated in their Flagship method and 30% across Expert Advisors.

MetaTrader 4 / 5 Expert Advisors (EAs)

Below you will find a list of every active Expert Advisor in the ECS roster, keep in mind that due to the nature of the Forex & CFD market – new expert advisors are introduced, some existing EAs go through updates and some, sadly, become obsolete.

As per industry standards, you can find backtesting data on each of the ECS’ Expert Advisors, as well as the links to the myfxbook performance.

We will do our best to keep this section up to date, amending the review depending on the changes with ECS.


athena ea

It is an MT4 Grid Expert Advisor (EA) trading system that lets you trade EUR/USD automatically. You can use this EA as your own or let the ECS managers do the work for you on a profit-sharing basis.

  • The Lifetime license for Athena EA currently costs €999
  • The yearly rental cost is €699 per year (only with a sponsored broker)
  • The profit-sharing costs 0 upfront and 25-35% profit-sharing tiers.

Athena EA targets 96% yearly returns and holds $130K in equity with a historic drawdown of 28.70%.


Zeus Gold is an MT4/5 EA created and managed by Chris and Mykyta for grid trading XAU/USD. It comes with a yearly target return of 90% and has so far achieved a positive gain of over 42% with a historic drawdown of 25.82%.

  • The Lifetime license for Zeus Gold EA currently costs €999
  • The yearly rental costs €749 per year (only with a sponsored broker)
  • The profit-sharing costs 0 upfront and 20-35% profit-sharing tiers.

You buy the lifetime license for Zeus Gold EA to use with any broker or get it on yearly rentals through one of the partner brokers of ECS.

Cronus EA

cronus ea

Cronus Expert Advisor is another forex trading EA offered by ECS with a yearly target return of 80%.

So, far this MT5 EA has achieved an impressive 42.05% yearly return.

You can buy Cronus EA for €999 (as well as invest it in a managed account).

Hades EA

hades ea

This MT4/MT5 EA has been specifically designed to trade DAX40 and DOW30. Its targeted yearly return is 75% and has so far achieved a modest 36%.

You can buy the Hades EA for  €999.

The Elite CurrenSea team adds or removes EA based on performance from time to time, make sure to choose the latest ones from their stack.

Trading Systems and Signals

SWAT 2.0

The Simple Wave Analysis and Trading (SWAT) system was developed by Chris Svorcik. It is an MT4 trading system that utilizes the famous Elliot Wave trading routine.

The SWAT 2.0 is an upgrade to the existing system with an improved package that includes:

  • Multiple rule-based system
  • 5 wave-trading systems
  • Color-coded candles and momentum arrows
  • Wizz target level indicators
  • Trade and risk management setup

The SWAT 2.0 includes all the indicators offered with SWAT 1.0 including Fibonacci, FRACTALs, HMAs, and moving averages. The package includes a comprehensive 13 hours of education and 9 hours of SWAT training material.

You can purchase the SWAT 2.0 as a standalone product for €499 or through ECS sponsorship plans through its partner brokers at no upfront cost.

The Black Widow – CBW

The Black Widow is a popular semi-automated trading strategy developed by Nenad Kerkez for ECS members. The CBW strategy utilizes Reverse,  ART levels, and trend analysis to find the daily projected high, low, and mid pivot points.

The CBW comes with a 1-hour long tutorial video for €1,299 with a 50% sponsorship discount through its partner brokers.

Webinars – Members and Free

Chris Svorcik recently started a series of webinars for its ECS members. Some of these discussions are open and accessible freely while others are for paid members only.

Chris Svorcik shares quarterly results for its trading strategies and EAs through these webinars while offering useful commentary on market news and portfolio analysis.

Analysis, Research, and Education

Elite CurrenSea runs a dedicated blog that is full of quality analysis, research, and educational pieces. The blog contains information for everyone including beginners and expert traders looking for advanced trading strategies.

You can find a huge collection of educational resources on ECS products, market analysis, and news to make the most informed trading decisions.

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