Meet 6 Most Successful Forex Traders in India

The world of Forex trading in India is adorned with traders whose success stories resonate in public.  Some notable Indian forex traders include Shashikant Sharma, Azim Premji and Anish Singh Thakur.  They’ve harnessed their skills to negotiate the complexities of global currencies, not merely amassing wealth but reshaping the paradigms of trading.

Shashikant Sharma

Shakishant Sharma

Shashikant Sharma is known as the most influential forex trader in India.

He has ammased a substantial fortune since he began trading at 22. While his family didn’t support his decision, Shashikant Sharma stuck to his passion and made it work, becoming a forex millionaire only years later.

Since his success, he has moved into wealth management and provides guidance to a wide range of investors looking to replicate his success. He attributes his success to hard work and passion and stresses that anyone can achieve what he has achieved with the right attitude and informed decision-making.

Shashikant Sharma’s Net Worth is estimated $8m.

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Anish Singh Thakur

Anish Singh Thakur

Anish Singh Thakur is a highly successful businessman and Forex trader. His exorbitant net worth has been earned through savvy investments – he has built his wealth on intelligent decision-making across markets, including stocks, Forex, securities, and more.

He runs the Booming Bulls Academy, a trading course that breaks Forex right down to its bare bones. It’s designed to allow anyone to enter the market and start earning like the professionals do without getting too bogged down in technical analysis – an exciting prospect for novice traders.

Anish Singh ThakurNet Worth: Unknown; wide variety of estimates

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Azim Premji

Azim Premji

Azim Premji is celebrated for his roles as a businessman, investor, engineer, philanthropist, and the former chairman of Wipro Limited.

Often informally dubbed the “Czar of the Indian IT Industry,” Premji’s impact on Wipro’s growth has been transformative, positioning the company as a global software leader over four decades of diversification and expansion.

From humble beginnings, Azim Premji propelled Wipro from a small family venture to an IT powerhouse during the 1980s, realizing his visionary dreams in the technology sector. Notably, his investment portfolio reflects a focused strategy, with significant stakes in Wipro, alongside holdings in Trent Ltd., Tube Investments of India Ltd., and Craftsman Automation Ltd.

While his investment choices appear more concentrated in technology stocks compared to other investors, Premji’s smart selections have consistently yielded impressive results, firmly securing his position in our ranking.

Azim Premji’s Net Worth is approximately $11.5 billion USD

Mohnish Pabrai

mohnish pabrai

Renowned for his value investing approach, Mohnish Pabrai is a devotee of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger’s investment philosophy at Berkshire Hathaway; this foundation has assisted him in his rise to becoming one of India’s foremost influencers.

Commencing his investment career in the 1990s after a stint as a technology consultant in the computing industry, Pabrai ventured into Transtech in 1996, focusing on technology outsourcing and software solutions for global enterprises.

Although the company faced market challenges and didn’t attain anticipated success, this entrepreneurial experience endowed Pabrai with unique insights and analytical perspectives, enhancing his investment approach. It provided a profound understanding of corporate challenges, nurturing a more informed and discerning investment style.

Leaving Transtech in 1999, Pabrai plunged full-time into investment, establishing Pabrai Investment Funds, centered on long-term value investments. Pabrai has gone on to author investment books and delivered lectures on investment-related topics at conferences and universities.

Inspired by Buffett and Munger’s ethos, he’s garnered acclaim for astute investment decisions, delivering outstanding results for clients. Regarded as a stalwart in the industry, Pabrai commands respect globally among peers and followers for his investment acumen and unwavering dedication.

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Radhakishan Damani

Radhakishan Damani

Radhakishan Damani, a luminary in the Indian financial sphere, emerges as a billionaire investor and the visionary behind D-Mart, a prominent retail chain.

His investment prowess extends through Bright Star Investments Limited, his investment firm that oversees a well-crafted portfolio, and as of November 26, 2023, Damani clinched the 101st spot on Forbes’ Real Time Net Worth Index with a staggering net worth of $17 billion.

With a keen eye, Damani has curated a portfolio comprising 14 stocks from diverse companies, among which D-Mart and VST Industries Ltd. stand out as significant holdings.

Notably, Damani’s investment strategy is characterized by a notable diversification, particularly evident through his penchant for retail companies dominating his stock selections.

His approach to stock selection echoes astuteness coupled with a steadfast long-term perspective, indicating a calculated and thoughtful investment philosophy that has propelled his success in the ever-evolving market landscape.

Net Worth: $17 billion USD

Ashish Dhawan

Ashish Dhawan

Ashish Dhawan holds a prominent position within Indian stock exchanges, recognized not only as a dynamic stock investor but also esteemed as an entrepreneur and philanthropist contributing significantly to various spheres.

Presently, Dhawan assumes the role of CEO at the Central Square Foundation, displaying his multifaceted engagement beyond stock investments. His investment portfolio, a reflection of his sharp financial sense, comprises 16 stocks valued at a total of $263 million.

Among his notable holdings, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. commands a significant position in his portfolio, standing at a substantial $34 million. Dhawan’s investment strategy embraces diversification, as evidenced by his investment in a spectrum of companies like IDFC Ltd., Birlasoft Ltd., Equitas Holdings Ltd., and several others.

Ashish Dhawan’s dynamic presence across multiple domains, coupled with his strategic investment choices, reflects an astute approach that amalgamates entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and investment expertise to traverse the landscape of the Indian stock market.

Net Worth: Unknown

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