Pip Value Calculator

This smart tool can calculate the worth of 1 PIP based on your traded currency pair and taking into consideration your online trading account currency.

“One PIP equals 1 point of price move, OR simply said the smallest price incremental.”

How to use our “Pip Value Calculator”:

  1. Select your account currency
  2. Select the currency pair you are going to trade
  3. Select your the position size (units)
    • micro lot 0.01
    • mini lot   0.1
    • standard lot 1

Note: Don’t use comma but dot instead (0.01 instead 0,01)

How to interpret the Pip Value Calculator results:

Example: You have USD trading account currency and you place a trade 1 standard lot, then 1 PIP will have value of $10, meaning the price increase or decrease of just 1 point will result in $10 profit/loss.

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