RebelsFunding Review 2024 – My Payout Proof! Is It Worth Your Money?

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Verdict on RebelsFunding is a safe and reputable no time limit prop trading firm, offering a diverse array of pricing plans across various challenging modules, each with different capital funding options. The membership fees for all plans are highly competitive starting from $25, as are the spreads. Another thing that distinguishes them from competitors is their exceptional customer service, surpassing what I have experienced with any direct competitors so far! This firm is one of the newcomers in the proprietary trading industry and experienced a meteoric rise during last year, primarily due to the excellent trading conditions they provide to their clients.

Now let’s get into our detailed review of Rebelsfunding to help you make more informed decisions on this emerging platform.

Overall Rating: 9 / 10

9out of 10

Trading Platforms8
User Friendliness9
Customer Support9
Fees & Pricing10

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Free Trial
  • Paid plans with different capital funding options.
  • Affordable pricing starting from $25 with a refund of up to 200%.
  • No restrictions on minimum trading days
  • Commission through profit sharing of up to 90%
  • Allowed overnight trading
  • 32 Swap-free instruments
  • Relatively small range of trading instruments.
  • No MT4/MT5 Metatrader platforms
  • Automated EAs are not allowed

What is RebelsFunding?

Rebelsfunding is a fast growing prop firm from Europe (Slovakia) that has made a mark in a very short time. The company was founded in 2022 by a veteran forex trader Marek Soska with more than 15 years of forex trading experience.

They have developed a unique membership program for their clients that offers something to traders at every level of their trading experience ladder.

You will get an access to a proprietary trading platform called RF trader.

One of the most unique features you get with Rebelsfunding is the choice of trading accounts. They offer 5 different plans that are further divided into qualification levels.

The trading and non-trading costs are different for each of these five accounts as each account offers different leverage and funding options.

My Real Overall Payout Proof

I have signed up with the Copper plan, in November last year.

Below is the proof of my overall payouts from Rebelsfunding. As you can see in the information below, I have earned $750 so far at the time of writing this review.

payouts proof rebelsfunding to edward kendy

Key Features Overview
Type of companyLimited liability company
HeadquartersEuropean Union
Broker Multiple LPs managed by a proprietary price engine
Trading PlatformRF-Trader (Desktop and Mobile)
MT4/MT5 AvailabilityNot available
Account Base CurrenciesUSD Dollars
Minimum Deposit$25 (starting for Copper Plan)
Trading InstrumentsForex, Metals, Energy, Crypto, Equities, Indices
Account TypesCopper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond.
Leverage1:50, 1:100, 1:200 (account-specific)
Profit SharingUp to 90%

RebelsFunding Accounts and Pricing

The prime features of the Rebelsfunding trading platform come through different paid plans. Each plan offers different membership prices, leverage levels, and capital funding options for you.

Let’s take a deep dive into these plans to know what exactly they offer.

#1 Copper – Four Phase Training Program

If you are a beginner, this program is designed for you. It comes with 7 tiers starting from $25 and capital funding of $5,000.

Your target profit with this account is 5% and when you achieve it, you get a 200% refund of your membership fee.

As you gain experience and perform successful trades, you move on to the next tier. Your profit share increases from 80% to 90% in the 4th phase of this program.

Here are some key features of the Copper Plan:

Account SizeMaximum FundingMembership Fee

All other features of this plan are the same:

  • Profit Target – 5%
  • Profit Share – up to 90%
  • Fee Refund – up to 200%
  • Maximum Drawdown – 10%
  • Minimum Trades – 4
  • Leverage – 1:200

#2 Bronze – Three Phase Training Program

If you have had some experience in forex trading and want to sharpen your skills as you go, this Bronze Program is well-suited to your needs.

This plan comes with a 3-phase training program, and you move the ladder as you learn and succeed through your trading journey.

You can get a capital amount of $320,000 in the top tier when you exhibit successful performance and pass through the qualification stages through this plan.

Account SizeMaximum FundingMembership Fee

Other key features of the Bronze plan are:

  • Profit Target – 5%
  • Profit Share – up to 90%
  • Fee Refund – up to 150%
  • Maximum Drawdown – 10%
  • Minimum Trades – 5
  • Leverage – 1:200 and 1:25 (phase 3)

#3 Silver – Two Phase Training Program

The 2-phase silver training program is designed for experienced traders. If you have sufficient knowledge of forex trading and you want to get started without risking your money, this program should meet your needs.

You can choose from one of the six account sizes starting from $2.500 with as low a fee as $35.

In fact, they say that, their Silver program with a $20,000 account size is the most popular choice of experienced traders.

Account SizeMaximum FundingMembership Fee

Other main features of the SILVER plan are:

  • Profit Target – 5% or 8%
  • Profit Share – 75-90%
  • Fee Refund – up to 100%
  • Maximum Drawdown – 10%
  • Minimum Trades – 6
  • Leverage – 1:100

#4 Gold – 1 Phase Training Program

Skilled and professional traders can join this single-phased GOLD training program. This program comes with stricter qualification requirements though.

You must meet the 10% profit target and a minimum of 8 trades to complete the training program. The leverage is also set lower at 1:50.

Account SizeMaximum FundingMembership Fee

Other features include:

  • Profit Target – 10%
  • Profit Share: 75-90%
  • Fee Refund – 100%
  • Maximum Drawdown – 6%
  • Minimum Trades – 8
  • Leverage – 1:50

#5 RF Diamond Training Program

Rebelsfunding has a plan for you as an experienced and skilled professional. You can join this 1-phase DIAMOND training program to start earning commission straightaway.

This program comes with 10 levels but no time limit to achieve them and you can scale up as you progress through these phases.

Account SizeMaximum FundingMembership Fee

Other features include:

  • Profit Target – 10%
  • Profit Share: 50%
  • Fee Refund – 100%
  • Maximum Drawdown – 5%
  • Minimum Trades – 5
  • Leverage – 1:50

RebelsFunding Trial or Demo Account

On top of these paid plans, you can register for the demo account for a 14-day free trial.

You can earn a 15% discount on your first membership plan if you perform well in this free trial.

However, you must provide the documentation and necessary information to become a registered RCF account holder.

Trading Assets and Instruments

As an emerging proprietary firm, you can expect a modestly lower trading instrument range from Rebelsfunding.

They offer a curated selection of instruments in different trading assets like Forex, Metals, Energies, Cryptos, Equities, and Indices.

  • Forex Pairs – 40
  • Metals – 4
  • Energy Instruments – 2
  • Cryptocurrencies – 7
  • Shares – 10
  • Indices – 8

RebelsFunding Spreads

Rebelsfunding charges a $2 commission per trade ($1 on each side) and a variable spread for all instruments.

The average spread on major pairs is around 0.9 pips with a standard lot size of 100k units of the base currency.

Similarly, the average spread for top shares ranges from 0.5 pips to 1.0 pips with a minimum lot size of 1 share.

Rebelsfunding does charge you an overnight fee on some instruments depending on your long or short position and it varies by the instrument you trade. However, it offers you 28 forex pairs and 4 metal instruments swap-free as well.

Trading Platforms

Rebelsfunding offers a built-in trading platform RF Trader for desktop and mobile applications to its users.

This platform is built on the TradingView trading platform’s technology, and you’ll get a similar look and feel for RF Trader as well.

The RF trader program is equipped with all the essential tools like charting, analytical tools, trading alerts, technical indicators, and market data analysis.

RF Trader is a proprietary trading platform and does not support the popular MT4/MT5 integration options yet.

However, you can enjoy great features such as real-time data, server updates, language accessibility, and different layout options from RF Trader to get a comfortable feel and look.

rf-trader rebelsfunding web platform
A sneak-peak into the web trading platform RF

Monthly Trading Competitions

rebelsfunding trading competition winners january 2024

The trading competition at Rebels Funding works as follows:

  1. Eligibility: Participants must be at least 18 years old, complete the registration form, possess required KYC documents for winner verification, and not reside in prohibited countries. Rebels Funding employees are not allowed to participate.
  2. Account Registration: Each trader can register for a specific competition only once per month. Multiple accounts by the same trader are not allowed and can lead to disqualification.
  3. Competition Account: Participants are given a demo account with a value of $80,000. This account is used solely for the competition and will be closed at its end. No profits can be withdrawn from this account.
  4. Winner Determination: The winner is the trader with the highest profit remaining on their competition account at the end of the competition period, after closing all trades. Traders are ranked based on the profit generated.
  5. Leverage and Trading Rules: Different leverage sizes are set for various trading instruments. The competition includes rules like a maximum daily drawdown limit, and accounts reaching this limit will be closed.
  6. Competition Duration: The competition starts on the first day of the month following registration and lasts until the last day of that month.
  7. Prizes: Winners receive rewards within 48 hours after the announcement and verification. Prizes include access to exclusive trading programs and cash rewards, with the top prize being the Copper $160,000 program plus $1,000 in cash.
  8. Verification of Winners: Winners must provide KYC documents for identity verification to claim their prize.
  9. System Testing Phase: The competition is part of a testing phase for the RF-Trader trading platform, and participants may experience temporary platform issues.

RebelsFunding User Reviews

It’s hard to establish yourself in a competitive prop trading market as an emerging player but Rebelsfunding is managing that well.

It enjoys a healthy 4.2 stars rating on the popular rating site Trustpilot. Moreover, the firm has done well in responding to any queries and negative reviews there.

It shows the firm is willing to adapt and is progressing swiftly and it’s helping itself with a good social media presence, a monthly trader’s competition, discount offers, and a unique range of paid capital plans.

SiteNumber of VotesRating
TrustPilot.com6064.4 / 5
SiteJabber.com74.86 / 5
TrustIndex.com64.8 / 5


Team behind the Rebelsfunding prepared a lot of valuble educational content.

Here’s the screenshot of some of the videos that you can watch inside the membership area:

rebelsfunding - educational trading basics

Customer Support

Rebelsfunding has a good social media presence and they are active on major platforms like Facebook, X, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

They have a dedicated DISCORD community to help its traders where they can ask and share information freely.

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