The Best Finance Youtube Channels in 2023

If you’re looking for reliable and trustworthy financial advice on YouTube, keep reading to discover the best financial YouTube channels ranked by™ finance experts:

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#1. Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D.

value investing sven carlin

Value Investing with Sven Carlin is one of the best Youtube finance channels.

For those of you who prefer to adopt a long-term value investing strategy, there aren’t many top financial YouTubers out there that preach these exact methods and help people make fundamentally sound financial decisions better than Sven Carlin.

Born in Croatia, Carlin has amassed over 223,000 subscribers in six years of posting content, which ranges from in-depth analysis of individual stocks to broader commentary on the market as a whole. The Croat investor always prioritizes seeking out investment opportunities that offer high rewards while minimizing risk, although he acknowledges that it’s not always straightforward.

Nevertheless, he provides clear explanations for why he values a particular stock and what factors he considers when reaching his conclusions.

#2. The Investor Channel (by Colin Tedards)

The Investor Channel Youtube

A channel whose content is a tad bit different from other entries on this list, The Investor Channel created by Colin Tedards has made a name for itself by becoming YouTube’s version of Jim Cramer, skillfully simplifying the technical jargon of the financial world for a general audience.

In contrast to the majority of stock channels on YouTube, which usually concentrate on either technical or fundamental analysis, he tries to merge both approaches.

For instance, during earnings season, The Investor Channel covers a broad spectrum of companies, analyzing the latest quarterly earnings reports. It also provides an extensive technical analysis review.

Every Friday, he broadcasts his flagship show, The weekly FAANG Stock Recap Show, which delves into major news of the biggest stock listings and indexes in the world. Highly recommended!

#3. Joseph Carlson Show

joseph carlson finance channel

The next YouTuber on our list is Joseph Carlson, who documents his journey of building a dividend growth portfolio to generate passive income on his channel. In his weekly update videos, Joseph provides detailed information about his portfolio’s progress and relevant market news. These updates can be found not only on his YouTube channel but also on his podcast, “The Joseph Carlson Show.

Joseph’s videos are incredibly comprehensive, with each one including a short Q&A session where he interacts with his audience and addresses their queries. One of the most admirable things about Joseph, however, is his transparency, as he shares regular updates regarding his portfolio, including his missteps.

His long-form content is meticulously detailed, and his willingness to share both his ups and downs make him one of our recommended personal finance YouTubers .

#4. Nathan Winklepeck, CFA

nathan winklepeck cfa
One of the relatively newer channels on this list, Nathan Winklepeck’s channel is of particular interest to beginners seeking financial advice, as most of his early content covers almost all the most popular dividend-paying ETFs in exceptional detail.

Nowadays, however, Nathan delves into the fundamental elements of effective investing, examining the essential pieces of information that can be utilized to enhance one’s decision-making process by utilizing empirical data, academic research, and the analytical methodology employed by some of the most successful investors globally.

Possessing just a shade under 50,000 subscribers, Nathan Winklepeck is one to watch moving forward!

Some Financial YouTubers to Avoid

1. Andrei Jikh

Kicking off our list of top financial YouTubers you should look to avoid at all costs, don’t let Andrei Jikh’s charming nature fool you. During a podcast interview on Iced Coffee Hour, he revealed that almost all of his accumulated wealth, which originated from his YouTube channel, is currently in the form of cash, and he expressed reluctance to invest the funds due to concerns about tax implications.

Jikh’s professional background is in magic, and video editing may explain his effective use of promotional techniques such as product placements and sponsorship deals. Although he is generally viewed as amiable and less fraudulent than some other financial YouTubers, it is worth mentioning that his wealth did not result from investment gains.

2. Financial Education

Despite his channel name, the majority of the videos produced by Financial Education, also known as Jeremy Lefebvre, lack any meaningful substance or value.

He tends to repeat the same simplistic messages, such as “buy the dip” or “be patient,” for more than twenty minutes, and frequently employs misleading clickbait headlines and thumbnails to generate views and clicks, such as falsely claiming that he is selling all of his stocks.

The overall quality of his content is extremely poor, and his stock recommendations appear to be inadequately researched. Despite this, he seems to have an inflated sense of self-importance due to his lucky investment in Tesla.

3. Graham Stephan

If you’re looking for advice that comes from a real estate investor parlaying his success into financial advice videos that have clickbait titles, but little due diligence, Grapham Stephen is your guy. Everyone else should look elsewhere.

Stephen, along with the aforementioned Jikh and Jeremy from Financial Education, ran a podcast titled Millennial Money Pod, which received complete financial sponsorship from FTX, as indicated by the prominent FTX logo continuously displayed on the screen throughout the entire show.

The three individuals even actively promoted both Blockfi and FTX on their respective channels, and when FTX collapsed late last year, the channel was gone in the blink of an eye in an effort to cover their tracks.

Get Better Advice

Navigating the world of finance can be a daunting task for most people. That’s why YouTube financial gurus can amass such an audience.

However,  financial Youtubers that are worth it are not always the flashiest or most popular!

By taking a closer look at our list, you’ll be well on your way to enhancing your financial literacy and making wise investment decisions.

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