Best Forex Brokers for Large Accounts

Below, we’ve compiled the best forex brokers for big accounts:

  • XM
  • HF Markets
  • Pepperstone
  • FBS
  • OctaFX

XM – Best Overall

Since there isn’t an exact number for large accounts, a wide range of deposits might fall under the category. However, for individuals depositing over $10,000, XM broker could be the best choice.


  • 1,372 Tradeable Symbols
  • No Withdrawal Fees
  • Fee for Inactivity
  • 11 Base Currencies
  • 5 Account Types


  • Most base currencies are available. If your money isn’t in one of the more common base currencies found with big account forex brokers, you’re likely to find it with XM.
  • Customer service is fast and easy to reach. With live chat and phone support and swift response times, you can get in contact with support when you need it. And when you have a big account on the line, you’ll want to have quick access to customer service if anything should go wrong.
  • Easy to understand benefits. On other trading platforms, the benefits of large accounts may seem a little all over the place. But with XM, they’re straightforward — a bigger deposit means no pips and small commission or slightly higher pips and no commission. But no matter what, the fees are very low for the platform.


  • Less variety in tiers. With the account structure, the last tier is $10,000, and the one before that has a minimum deposit of $50. For people in the middle who want benefits for depositing hundreds or a few thousand, you may want to look elsewhere for VIP benefits.


The perfect choice for huge deposits, it gives you the lowest fees with small pip spreads and no commissions. And with fast customer service, you can quickly take care of issues as they arise.

HF Markets

HF Markets offers the most variety in its account types, making it an excellent choice for all account sizes. HF Markets (formerly known as HotForex) is regulated by several credible finance market regulators around the world.


  • 1,066 Tradeable Symbols
  • No Withdrawal Fees
  • Small Fee for Inactivity
  • 3 Base Currencies
  • 6 Account Types


  • Regular bonuses and promotions. With regular bonuses and promotions, you can make your deposit go even further.
  • Most account types are available. With six different account types you can create, you can customize what you want from your big account forex brokers. You’ll have zero commission, lower spreads, improved leverage, and a higher open order capability based on the account type.


  • Only 3 base currencies. For those who don’t have their holdings in USD, EUR, or PLN, you may find yourself having to pay exchange fees.


With so many accounts available that vary from a minimum deposit of $5-$500, all everyday traders can benefit from the perks available. You can also mix and match benefits. For example, you may choose better leverage over no commission. With HotForex, you’ll find the account you’re seeking.


Pepperstone is a well-trusted Australian company that’s been going strong since 2010. It offers two account options to all traders, but those trading in big accounts can take advantage of the option that best suits their large deposits.


  • 1,200 Tradeable Symbols
  • No Withdrawal Fees
  • No Inactivity Fee
  • 9 Base Currencies
  • 2 Account Types


  • Best leverage. For the largest accounts, enjoy up to 1:500 leverage so your money can go further.
  • No inactivity fees. When you’ve invested a lot in your big account forex brokers, it seems unfair that you have to pay more for taking a break. With Pepperstone, you can completely step back from trading, and you won’t pay for inactivity.
  • A good amount of base currencies. When it comes to exchanging currencies, fees can rack up fast on large accounts. Cut out the extra fees when you have 1 of the 9 base currencies, more currencies than many traders (though less than XM).


  • A basic platform. The interface is easy to use but simple. Without price alerts and simply OK charting tools, experienced traders may be wanting more from the platform. However, third-party tools are available for those looking for more resources.


With low fees and great VIP benefits for Razor account holders, you can start making even more with Pepperstone. Sign up for the Razor program, and you’ll have no pips on the spread and instead pay some commission. And with hedging and scalping allowed, you can start trading exactly how you want.


What Is a Large Forex Account ?

A large forex account is considered a trading account with a balance of minimum $10,000.

Most forex companies won’t ask over $100 for a minimum deposit. If you’re in a higher bracket and depositing more than the average minimum, you’d likely benefit from working with big account forex company.

If you’re making large deposits, you might as well benefit from the advantages that these special programs offer.

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