Meet These Six Very Successful Traders in Singapore

When it comes to trading in Singapore, there are a few super talented traders who have seen unprecedented levels of success.

Read the success stories of some of the most successful traders in Singapore.

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#1 – Chew Wei Xiang alias PrinceFroggyFX


Chew Wei Xiang alias PrinceFroggyFX

Telegram: PrinceFroggyFX, 400 Subscribers

Instagram: – over 2k followers

Chew Wei Xiang is a professional trader with over $20 Million USD under management.

He learned the ins and outs of the Forex market all on his own, and he has used it to further himself financially to an impressive degree.

Now, he shares what he has learned via his Telegram channel, where he gives expert advice on successful trading strategies and how to navigate the market.

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#2 – Rayner Teo


rayner teo

Twitter: @Rayner_Teo, 213k Followers

Rayner Teo is one of the most well-known foreign exchange traders in Singapore’s business community, and for good reason. After a rocky start in the stock market and some difficult lessons learned early on in Forex, Teo was soon able to develop a wise and calculated trading ethos that has propelled him to unprecedented success.

Teo credits his consistent victories in the market to having learned from so many past mistakes. Now that he has figured out a foolproof strategy for growth through foreign exchange trading, he has dedicated himself to sharing his useful tips and tricks with people who are just starting out.

You can find plenty of insightful advice and commentary on his various social media accounts.


#3 – Collin Seow

colin seow

Twitter: @collinseow, 6,464 Followers

Collin Seow has had a long career in Singapore’s financial industry, and his experience working in the field has given him all of the tools he needed to succeed at Forex trading.

For over thirteen years, he has worked in various financial positions and held a wide range of qualifications, including Certified Financial Technician, Chartered Portfolio Manager, and Top-Tier Remisier for Phillip Securities.

For years, Seow has used his in-depth knowledge of finance to make skillful trades on the Forex market, and now he’s making a concerted effort to share what he knows with those who wish to learn. He has already published a bestselling book on the topic, “Secrets of Highly Profitable Traders,” and has also written a column giving advice on the same subject.

#4 – Alex Yeo

alex yeo

Twitter: @alex_yeo, 1,335 Followers

As a Certified Financial Technician, Alex Yeo is certainly no stranger to Singapore’s finance industry. But that doesn’t mean his trading journey has been smooth sailing from the start.

In the beginning, Yeo was making trades on the stock market. However, due to some significant early losses, he learned some very important lessons from his mistakes and was able to develop more effective strategies going forward. He later decided to apply that knowledge to the foreign exchange market, and the rest is history.

To learn more about Yeo’s specific trading ethos, you can check out his book “The Traders’ Blueprint,” which he co-authored with Collin Seow, Marc Liu, and Rayner Teo in 2018, or check out his posts on his social media accounts.

#4 – Adam Khoo

adam khoo

Twitter: @adamkhootrader, 23k Followers

Adam Khoo is extremely well known for the plethora of Forex trading educational materials that he creates and distributes online to help newcomers get started on their foreign exchange trading journeys.

His YouTube channel is a wealth of information that can be helpful for people with any level of proficiency with the Forex market. He has also written several books and established multiple institutions with the goal of spreading his knowledge so that others may benefit from it.

Khoo’s in-depth understanding of investing and the financial industry allowed him to become a millionaire in his mid-twenties. With a success story like that, who better to learn the ins and outs of foreign exchange trading from?

#5 – Karen Foo

karen foo

Twitter: @karenFoo8, 4,539 Followers

Karen Foo initially rose to popularity thanks to her success as a professional athlete, winning three silver and three bronze medals at various swimming competitions in Singapore. However, she is also known for her tenacity as an investor, entrepreneur, and businessperson, as well as for her gift of public speaking.

Foo has written two books on financial topics, “Your Cash Moves” and “Turning Ideas Into Profit,” both of which offer salient advice for beginning traders. Recordings of her public speeches can also be found on the web and would certainly prove beneficial to anyone looking to increase their knowledge of trading strategy.

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